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 Offerings And Workshops

I have 4 children and1 husband. I live in Utah, at the base of the Wasatch mountains, and travel often to our second home in SanDiego. My heart sings with artistic expression. I have been designing jewelry for nearly 2 decades. My signature work, is created using a stone that I mine in the southern Utah desert. I make talismans, using stones from the crystal rock tribe, recycled bits and bobbles, and new treasures. My process weaves together the past and the present, creating pieces for the future.  My love of stones, led me to study crystal resonance therapy which is part of my energy sessions.  Often, your special rock tribe totem will makes itself known to you. I can then craft a custom piece of jewelry that offers you own personal talisman. You can visit my website "The Earth Rocks"

I have been a student of photography for nearly 3 decades. I have been known to sneak my camera into events, to capture and preserve a moment in time. My children love going through the albums, remembering and telling stories from the past.  There is always a photo to take. In a recent visit to the Redwood Forest, I found myself swirling in the magic, seeing it through the lens of my camera. "Carpe Diem" means Seize the Day. As I travel through life, I find that photography is a great way to tell a story. I am currently studying for a fine arts degree, to enhance this passion and love, satiating the overactive right brain!

I completed a 2 year training in energy medicine, and shamanic studies at the Four Winds Society under the direction of Alberto Villodo, and Linda Fitch. I have also trained in the Dagara shamanic modalities. As an energy medicine practitioner, I assist in healing the light body using cutting edge neuroscience to create transformation at the level of the soul.  Shamanic healing works with the spiritual and emotional components of disease, when you heal your soul, you heal your life.  As a  a certified Dying consciously teacher and mentor, I offer support to the dying and their families, making their journey beyond death a peaceful and conscious process. 

Energetic Attunments and offerings:
Do you relate to any of these symptoms? If so there is a healing for that!

*Physical pain
*Emotional Pain
*Chronic Fatigue
*Sense something is missing
*Anger, Fear, Shame, Grief
*Depression, Anxiety and Stress
*Self-Defeating patterns
*Relationship Difficulties

This is a core healing process. It has been practiced for thousands of years outside of our western medicine model. The luminous energy field is your "bubble" have you known someone was standing behind you without seeing them? They merged into your field and you could "feel" it. I like to compare our luminous energy field to an I-pod. Suppose your I-pod has been loaded with a variety of play lists, most of them full of music that makes you crazy. It's so full of the music you hate, that you struggle to locate those precious few melodies that make your soul smile. To remedy this problem, you would re-set the I-pod downloading only the play lists that you resonate with, clearing space to discover new music and have room to add to it. The Illumination works in this way. A trained practitioner clears space in your energetic container, creating room for new perspectives, ultimately healing at the level of the soul. The practitioner will use sound as part of this process. Drums, singing bowls, rattles, flutes...the sound waves, assist in reorganizing the luminous field, much like cleaning a dirty window, and letting the sun shine in!

When we come into this life, our souls are whole and complete. As we conform to culture and life, certain situations, traumas, and events can cause fragments of our soul to leave, to avoid the pain. With these soul parts fragmented, our life force energy can become depleted. During a soul retrieval, the practitioner knows how to find those parts, and bring them back creating a unified and whole YOU! 

Sometimes debris and other unwanted things can become stuck in our energy field, depleting our energy. Have you ever said something like "She stabbed me in the back?" When we are betrayed, and there is an emotional current attached to it, we can have an energetic knife so to speak in our energy field. A trained practitioner knows how to remove these remnants, doing an energetic house cleaning, leaving you with that freshly revived feeling. You will also be given tools to buoy up and strengthen the protection around you, helping to prevent unwanted energies clinging to your precious and vibrant luminous self. 

Stones and crystals have a measurable energy. Quartz crystal for example is used in watches to help regulate time. With the evolution of science we are able to measure the electrical currents in our bodies, calibrating specific organs. Our bodies are made up of the same chemical elements as the Earth. Just like crystals, our molecules are programmed to carry the energy of our thoughts and feelings. "Stuck" energy patterns can manifest as illness.  Often, there will be a crystal that stands out, I can then craft a custom talisman jewelry piece for you take home.  Crystal Resonance Therapy can create a positive vibration strong enough to clear old programming and return the human crystal to its natural state of harmony. "Energy is always information, information always has source. They cannot be separated." ~Albert Einstein

A beautiful and tangible way to send out prayers of transformation and healing. We create a specific prayer in a group setting or one on one. We call forth support from all elements and directions, and then offer specific prayers by creating beautiful offerings. The prayer bundles are then burned creating a transformation, and sending the smoke of our prayers out into the cosmos. Prayer bundles are a very powerful and conscious way to create transformation.


The 9 rites will include:

The Foundation: Building a base is key,

1-Healers rites, assistance in healing the wounds of our past and of our ancestors.


2-Bands of Power. We will be arming you with unprecedented protection! You will feel the strength in your energy field!

3-Harmony rite, We will add juice to your chakras, that will assist you in shedding the old unwanted sludge. Magical sound will help weave this new tool into your chakras.

4-"Open up the dirty window, let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find." We will be cleaning up that inner vision, the intuition, the third eye. The "seer rites" will assist you in "seeing" the big picture, the unwritten.

Now that we have built a foundation we are moving to the Lineage rites:

5-This is a divine feminine luscious rite, that will help us dance with the rhythms and cycles of the earth. We will learn about altars, and honor of nature. The Daykeeper rite will make your days more meaningful and magical.

6-Divine masculine. We will be bringing the balance and dance of the yin/yang into being with the wisdom keeper rites. Learning how to step outside of time, and restoring our compassionate nature. You will learn how create this delicate balance, and dance in harmony of wisdom!

7-We will learn how to unplug from the daily chaos, and plug into the nature that surrounds us. We will learn how to hear our guardian angels, and learn how to do our part to create a beautiful planet that supports all life.

Finally we will learn of rites to come:

8-We will learn how to evolve into a conscious radiant light being, walking on the earth with vision and purpose. The Starkeeper rites will teach us about manifesting our future, by learning how to live in the present.

9-We learn in the Creator rite, how to awaken our highest level of enlightenment, to shine our light with every step we take. You will learn how to listen to the I AM that is deep inside. You will have great understanding of the I AM THAT I AM.

Here's how to get in touch with us: