The Earth Rocks
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The Meaning Of Rocks And Crystals

AGATE - A variety of Chalcedony. Calming; comforting and useful for relieving pain.
AMAZONITE - A variety of Felspar. Aphrodisiac; soothes nervous system and strengthens the heart.
AMBER * Fossilised pine tree resin. Electrifying; relieves fear, depression, tiredness, asthma & infections.
AMETHYST * a variety of Quartz. Protects against excesses in all forms. Calming; powerful blood cleanser; excellent for meditation.
AQUAMARINE * A variety of Beryl. Keeps one young and happy; calms nerves; helps banish fear and phobias; excellent for meditation; good luck for travellers.
AVENTURINE * a variety of Quartz. Improves creativity, perception and independence; alleviates anxiety; helps relieve fears; encourages a positive attitude.
AZURITE * a Copper Carbonate. Increases sensitivity, amplifies natural healing abilities; strengthens blood; helps body utilize oxygen. Effective in bone diseases, arthritis etc.
BLOODSTONE * A variety of Quartz. Used to balance and calm the uneasy mind; develops courage and caution; augments mental and physical vitality; powerful physical healer.
CALCITE * a Calcium Carbonate. Alleviates fear and reduces stress; valued as a thought amplified; increases capacity for astral projection; aids kidneys; pancreas and spleen.
CARNELIAN * A variety of Chalcedony. Energises blood; aids kidneys, lungs, gallbladder and pancreas; increases faith and repels fear; helps alleviate bad temper and brings contentment.
CHRYSOCOLLA * Gem Silica. Strengthens lungs and thyroid gland; enhances metabolism. Is helpful for nervous tension, fear, guilt, ulcers and digestive imbalance. Excellent for female disorders; activates feminine qualities.
CHRYSOPRASE * A variety of Quartz. Eases depression; helpful for sexual imbalance and fertility; maybe helpful in stabilizing blood pressure and relieves bleeding.
CITRINE * A variety of Quartz. Relieves tiredness; brings happiness; strengthens nerves; good for heart, kidneys and liver. Enhances body healing energy and tissue regeneration.
COPPER * Influences blood flow; aids metabolism; balances emotions; alleviates poor memory and the ability to retain thoughts; eases arthritic pain.
DIAMOND * A master healer. Enhances brain function; draws toxicity from the body; useful for anxiety, insecurity and low self esteem; thought amplifier.
EMERALD * A variety of Beryl. Calms the troubled mind; increases psychic clairvoyance; helps mental alertness.
FLOURITE * Calcium Fluoride. Strengthens bone tissue, especially teeth; eases bone tissue and dental diseases; alleviates anxiety and sexual frustration.
GARNET * Enhances the willpower and perseverance; comforts when depressed; eases bad dreams.
GOLD * Balances brain hemispheres; aids tissue regeneration; eases depression; amplifies thoughts and aids thought retention.
HEMATITE * Iron Oxide. Increases resistance to stress; alleviates low self esteem; balances male/female qualities; good for all blood disorders.
HERKIMER DIAMOND * A variety of Quartz. Powerful amplifier; releases stress and tension; relaxes muscles; increases awareness of dreams.
JASPER * a variety of Chalcedony. Helps morning sickness; helpful in stomach, liver and kidney problems; calms uneasy minds.
KUNZITE * a variety of Spodumene. Very high lithium content helpful in cases of depression and mental disorders; aids in longevity; emotional balancer; soothing; calming.
LAPIS LAZULI * A variety of Sodium. Releases tension and anxiety; helpful for throat and eye problems. The friendship stone strengthens love and gives self confidence.
MAGNETITE * Iron Oxide. Helps in cases of dizziness, headaches and insomnia; used in dentistry and successful for sports injuries, bruises, sprains, muscle and joint pain and stiffness.
MALACHITE * a Copper Carbonate. Used to promote sleep; helpful in cases of arthritis, rheumatism and menstrual disorders; useful for neurological disorders and visual problems.
MOONSTONE * a variety of Felspar. Brings success and contentment; protects against accidents; benefits pregnancy & menstrual disorders and stimulates lactation.
OBSIDIAN * a volcanic glass. Balances stomach, intestines and muscle tissue. Helps alleviate inflammation and reduces stress. Protects soft-hearted and gentle people.
OPAL * The friendship stone. Emotional balancer used for radiating sex appeal; amplifies thought; eases sexual depression.
PERIDOT * Olivine. Strengthens heart and eyes; aids tissue regeneration.
PYRITE * Iron Sulphide. Alleviates nervous exhaustion and stammering; eases anxiety; aids digestion; enhances brain function.
QUARTZ CRYSTAL * Clear. Conquers fear; protects against loss of balance and motion and sickness; balances emotions and stimulates brain function; excellent for meditation.
RHODOCHROSITE * a variety of Manganese. Enhances intellectual powers; strengthens self identity and lessens nightmares; helps heal emotional wounds.
ROSE QUARTZ * The Love Stone. Aids creative thinking; stimulates artistic ability; eases sexual and emotional unbalances; reduces stress; enhances forgiveness and relaxation.
RUTILATED QUARTZ * Stimulates damaged parts of the brain; strengthens immune system; increase clairvoyance; eases depression.
SAPPHIRE * Transparent blue gemstone. A variety of Corundum. Stimulates telepathy, astral projection, clairvoyance; strengthens heart and kidneys; stimulates the desire for prayer and inner peace.
SELENITE * A variety of Gypsum. Strengthens bones and teeth; rejuvenates prostate gland, testicles and uterus; helps release tension; activates higher creativity.
SERPENTINE * A variety of Magnesium. Balances female qualities; alleviates paranoia; increases psychic abilities; stimulates heart, kidneys, lungs, pituitary and thymus glands.
SMOKY QUARTZ * Increases fertility; assists with heart problems; muscular deterioration; aids depression; good for meditation.
SODALITE * A variety of Sodium. Relieves subconscious fears & guilt; stimulates metabolism; balances thyroid; enhances communication and creative expression.
TIGER EYE * a variety of Chalcedony. Assists thought, mental faculties and literacy; balances emotions and stubbornness.
TOPAZ * An Aluminium Silicate. Balance the emotions, improves the appetite and sense of taste; strengthens thyroid gland; detoxifies the body; relaxing.
TOURMALINE * A variety of Boro-silicate. Builds self confidence and concentration; good for nervousness and sadness; gives inspiration; aids sleep; vitalizes; good for infections.